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Our San Fernando Valley AC Tune-Up & Air Conditioning Annual Maintenance Includes

Our San Fernando Valley AC Tune-Up & Air Conditioning Annual Maintenance Includes:

✅ Clean the Central AC System – We will remove all accumulated debris from the outdoor central air conditioner system. Leaves and other debris can cut down on efficiency if they build up.

✅ Clean the AC Condenser Coil & Drain – Efficiency depends on keeping the condenser coil free of dust and other debris. A clean drain is essential to keep condensed water draining freely.

✅ Check the Air Conditioner Refrigerant Charge – Having the proper amount of refrigerant in the system is super important. If the check shows a low level of refrigerant, further checks may need to be done to locate a possible reason, and then a solution is recommended.

✅ Check the Central Air Conditioners Electrical Systems – The current draw of the compressor and operation of relays and other electrical components are checked.

✅ Check and lube (old versions) AC Condenser Fan Motor – Quiet, smooth operation of the condenser fan is important. If lubrication is required the technician will do it properly.

✅ Check Air Conditioner Refrigerant lines and insulation.

✅ Check Air Conditioner/heater Filter and replace with new (standard size).

✅ Check Thermostat calibration.

✅ Check indoor coil and drains.

✅ Check plenums for air leaks.

✅ Check furnace heating cycle.

✅ Inspect heat exchanger, burners and flame.

✅ Check all electrical furnace wiring and sensors.

✅ Inspect carbon monoxide flue vent.

✅ Check pilot assembly.

✅ Inspect fan blower motor assembly.

✅ Check cleanliness of furnace and burners area.

✅ Inspect Duct Work for Leaks, proper sizing and efficiency and Proper attic Insulation along the way, why not, we are already up there

If any problems are detected during our AC Tune Up or furnace Annual Maintenance service call, the technician will discuss the best options available with you and provide an accurate estimate of repair or replacement costs. In most cases making them before problems get worse can save thousands of dollars.
jodi f

"We were worried about the mess and what having 2 new units installed in our home would mean? But Green Planet did a great job and were the cleanest contractors we have ever had in our home. I would absolutely recommend them."

Jodi F. - Burbank, CA


"Being in the Real Estate industry, I have many options for HVAC. Green Planet HVAC has been there for my clients and myself for years and I will continue to refer them due to their excellent work ethic, workmanship and customer service. Always available at the drop of a hat"

Chad Lewin - TheHomeProz - Santa Clarita


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